Ethics Training - Part 2.  Estimated time to complete = 6 hours, (0.6 CEU)


This program assumes the participant has a basic understanding of the code of ethics for rehabilitation personnel (Part 1), and can now apply those standards or tenets and corresponding Standards of Practice to form a basis for ethical decision making.  For this program, each participant will complete the following activities.


A. Review the USF Ethics Web site ( ), and list the CRC standards or CCWAVES tenets which applies to each of the five principles of ethical practice: beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, justice and fidelity. Submit this report to the Instructor for review and comment.


B. Review various online resources (provided in the Introduction) and other material regarding procedures for resolving ethical dilemmas.  Develop two case study examples, which present an ethical dilemma for a rehabilitation practitioner. Prepare a 2-3 page paper which presents the two case studies, including the options one might take to resolve the ethical dilemma. Documents used to prepare the case studies will be referenced, and a copy of any reference material not available online must be submitted with the paper.  Each paper submitted by the course participants (with names deleted) will be maintained on the course website as a reading assignment for future individuals enrolled in the course.  Each topic presented must be unique and not duplicate the case studies submitted by previous participants.


Following the completion of each part 2, confirmation will be sent to the MDRS Training Division, which will be responsible for awarding the appropriate CEU credit.

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