Part 2. Visit a WIN Center

Using the Mississippi WIN web resources, locate a part-time and full-service WIN Center in your local area (one hour or less drive time, one way). 


This activity requires you to visit one or more area WIN programs to determine the types of services which may be helpful to you in serving your consumers.  You have the option of visiting first a nearby part-time WIN Center and later a full-service WIN Center or selecting the full-service Center to complete your training activities.  Additional credit will be awarded for visiting two Centers.  You will be required to schedule an appointment with an employment services caseworker to coordinate your activities while at the Center(s).


Subpart A. (2 hours CEU credit)  If you first visit a part-time WIN Center, you should address the following topics or issues with the WIN Center staff:

1. Discuss the level and types of services provided at the Center, Core, Intensive, etc. 

2. Visit the Center’s Resource Room.

3. Locate a copy of  the pocket resume’ or else determine where these can be obtained.

4. Spend 15-20 minutes exploring the features of the CHOICES program.

5. Discuss the availability of Intensive and Training services.

6. Discuss the WIN Center’s schedule of activities, especially the days reserved for unemployment insurance processing.  Determine if an MDRS staff member routinely visits the Center.  Prepare a one-page report on the information you gained from this visit. 


Subpart B. (2 hours CEU credit) If you chose to first visit the part-time WIN Center, then a second visit will be conducted at a convenient full-service WIN Center.  You will be required to schedule an appointment with an appropriate WIN Center representative for this activity.

1. During this visit, you will determine the types and level of employment services provide at this Center.

2. During this visit, you will note the issues of accessibility for potential consumers with mobility impairments, hearing impairments, and visual impairments. Note any accessibility problems for inclusion in your report on this Center.

3. Inquire about the availability of ITA funds and if the Center has an OJT coordinator.

4. Review with a case worker, the procedures for case coordination and “consumer tracking.”

5. Determine the level of interaction with the local MDRS office, and which area counselor is their designated representative.


Prepare a second one page report on the information obtain by your visit to the full-service WIN Center.


Subpart C. (3 hours CEU credit)  If you chose to only visit one WIN Center, it must be the one of the full-service programs.  You should address all the issues described in Subparts A & B, and prepare a 2 page summary report on the information obtain during the Center tour.   



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