Rehabilitation Counselor Credentials
(Certification and Licensure for Rehabilitation Counselors)

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To provide information about the basic rehabilitation counselor credentials, it is first necessary to draw a distinction between the two primary types, namely certification and licensure. Essentially, certification is a knowledge-based criterion (Does the individual possess the specified requisite knowledge with at least minimal competency?) and is a Nation-wide credential. Licensure is a skill-based criterion (Does the individual perform the requisite skills with at least minimal competency?) and is a State-specific credential. Depending on the specific employer requirements, rehabilitation counselors may find one, the other, or both useful/necessary.

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor: For practicing rehabilitation counselors in the United States, the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) is the professional practice credential. To qualify to sit for this examination, a student must be enrolled in a Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) - accredited program and have at least 75% of their 48 credit-hour program of study complete. The RC program here at MSU is & has been since 1976 CORE-accredited. The vast majority of graduates from this program take (and pass) the CRC during their last semester (typically during Internship).

Students in the rehabitation counseling program will receive additional information about the CRC in several of the required courses (Voc Rehab, Job Placement, Practicum) and can expect additional "prompts" during student-faculty advising.

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Option: The State of Mississippi requires that students seeking licensure must graduate from a CACREP accredited program with at least sixty (60) hours approved courses. Because our program is both CORE & CACREP accredited, rehabilitation counseling students who are interested in obtaining licensure (as well as the CRC), will need to add the following four (4) courses (12 hours of credit) to your rehabilitation counseling program of study (COE 6903 Developmental Counseling, COE 8303 Family Counseling Theory, COE 8633 Psycholosocial Rehabilitation, and COE 8703 Principles of Clinical Mental Health Counseling).

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Commission on Rehabilitation Commission on Rehab
Counselor Certification Counselor Certification (CRCC)

Mississippi Board of Examiners MS Board of
Examiners - Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

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